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Our Story

Back in the 1980s, we started out as a CPA firm providing tax preparation and advice to various clients. In the 1990’s, our clients started requesting advice and second opinions about their investments and other financial concerns. Briggs Wealth Management was created to service this need.

We bring our decades-long history of sound tax advice and strategies to our clients.

We have built our career around strategic accounting and business advisory services and expanded into the wealth management industry to better serve our clients.

Benefits of a CPA-Led Wealth Management Firm

Choosing a financial advisor who is also a CPA can simplify the financial planning process.  We prepare many of our client's tax returns.  We already possess much of the information pertaining to our clients' tax situations, therefore, streamlining the tax process.   Clients refer to this as "one stop shopping".

Because our background is in tax advisory services, we are able to provide a flexible, collaborative approach creating a customized plan tailored to our clients needs.

CPA's have been trusted financial advisors for well over 100 years. CPA financial planners are quick to analyze new legislation and determine how it may benefit their clients.

CPA's have an unapparelled understanding of how taxes impact clients decisions pertaining to retirement, estate planning, investments and insurance.

CPA's have long been considered the standard for financial knowledge, objectivity and integrity; prepared to handle the most demanding tax and financial situations.

Briggs Wealth Management, Inc. is designed to help individuals and families with minimum investable assets of one-million dollars or more. 


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